Tshe-Tsha Boys - Nwampfundla

Oh man, I need to go to South Africa immediately to check out the Shangaan electro scene. I can’t stop watching this on repeat; it’s hypnotically catchy just to listen to but then add in the dancing? Bangin’.

I also discovered that if I don’t mix in “current events” with the backlog of travel posts I need to queue, not only will I forget what I was supposed to write about in the past, but I will completely forget stuff that I run up on in the present. As a result, more reblogs and less pictures today. Also, this Shangaan stuff was discovered by the internets last July so I’m only what, ten months behind on current events? Eff it.

And when you hear those marimba beats and that live guitar through the keyboard, you know it’s Shangaan. You hear those toms, then you know, this is Shangaan music. Shangaans don’t typically love Joburg. They work in Joburg, but their heart is in Limpopo. People want to go back to the country and to their families. Limpopo is rural. It’s hot, very hot and vibey. Shangaan music is about love.

Press Replay. Then go grab the comp and join the fun.